2016 - 2017 


Garifunas in Honduras 

In Honduras, the Garifuna represent the second largest indigenous group.
Approximately 98,000 Garifunas live in Honduras distributed in 43 towns and villages on the Atlantic coast of the Country and on the islands of the Bay Islands Department. Fishing remains the primary livelihood their tradition, and the core of their culture.

Darwin: LGBT Honduras 

In 2017, there have been 34 murders of LGBT community members in Honduras. This project it is a personal story of loss and resilience. This reportage is a journey into Darwin’s life, which aims to give a sense of what it means living in Honduras as a young person and member of the LGBT community.

Honduras Activists 

Violence in Honduras is sometimes presented as random and wanton, or somehow involving drugs, but it can’t be separated from the acute poverty and ongoing struggle between farmers’ associations, indigenous activists and multinationals interests in the country.