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The Garifuna are Indigenous of mixed-race descendants of  West African, Central African, and Arawak people.

The Garifuna people are from Central America, along the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, with smaller populations in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua.

They arrived in Honduras in 1797 after being exiled from the island of San Vincent in the Lesser Antilles by the British colonial administration as Black Caribs after a series of slave revolts. Those Caribs deemed to have had less African admixture were not exiled, and are still living in the islands.

In Honduras, the Garifuna represent the second largest indigenous group.
Approximately 98,000 Garifunas live in Honduras distributed in 43 towns and villages on the Atlantic coast of the Country and on the islands of the Bay Islands Department. Fishing remains the primary livelihood their tradition, and the core of their culture.

This series of images is an ongoing photo project about the Garifuna community living on the coasts and those who moved to big cities mainland Honduras due to lack of work and environment changes in their territories.